Which Cat Toy Is Best To Buy For Your Pet?


Have you tried to search the web for some cat toys and quickly realized that there are just plenty of them that you can choose from? To give you an example, there are some toys that are battery operated, traditional balls and mice as well as some interactive ones.

To help you know which one is best for your pet, let’s try to figure out the different kinds of toys you can buy.

First and foremost, let us get to know what is an interactive toy? If you want to play with your pet together, then this is basically the toy you should give them. This is a great thing as playing with your pet helps you to establish a bond which allows your cat to know that you’re a fun person who likes to play. Each cat is unique from the rest as each has its own personality. Simply put, cats love playing however, they will still differ in the choice of cat toys.

Electronic toys on the other hand are the modern inventions that are aimed to keep your kitties busy even without human intervention. They are often operated either by batteries or electricity and one example for this is mouse in the house toy. It runs on electricity and may be set to start at a certain time that you want. Say for example that you have to leave for work in the morning, your cat surely is still napping and awaken looking for something they can fidget on. You can schedule the toy to start for few hours after you leave home and the sound will attract your cat’s attention and play with it.

Another battery operated toy is another type of cat toy that’s deemed interactive. A good example of this is the laser toys, which is merely a small flashlight that emits a red light when pressed. Simply move the dot and point it to different surfaces and see how your cat goes crazy in chasing it. You’ll have a good time as well by just seeing your cat never gets tired on trying to catch that small red light.

Then again, you’ll find the best cat toys like the mice and balls. Let’s use the mouse as an example, which can give near endless possibilities. Some are improved with catnip, some are available in bright colors, some rattle while others come with an almost realistic look. You’ll find some mice that’s adorned with leather tails, feathers, beaded eyes, felt ears and even bells on its tails. They are available in wide varieties of sizes from small to big, so rest assure that there is one size that fits for your cat.


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